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Making Dreams Come True

Getting more out of steel, coming up with creative solutions to complex problems and making the 'impossible' possible: these are our challenges. That's what drives and inspires us! Steel construction starts with brainwork. Design and engineering form the foundation of every project. Selecting the most suitable materials - with the best value for money - calls for expertise and a good understanding of costs.

Next, our highly trained professionals get to work on quick and cost-efficient assembly. Our materials are sawed, modeled and welded in our fully equipped workshop according to your specifications and production requirements. The manufacturing process runs quickly and smoothly thanks to our state-of-the-art technology, including an ultra-modern automatic CNC drilling and sawing machine- the heart of our workshop.

Long-Lasting Steel Constructions
The steel is blasted, cleaned and powdercoated or hot dip galvanized to give it long-lasting protection against corrosion. This guarantees a long-lasting steel construction.

Next, all of the parts are grouped into transportable units as we ship the prefab steel constructions to their destinations. As a specialist in turnkey projects, Thinking Steel International guarantees quick, expert assembly no matter where in the world.

Coordination and realization
No matter what kind of steel construction project you have in mind, you can leave everything to us from design to completion:
  • engineering and coordination
  • selection of the most suitable materials and tools
  • fabrication of the steel construction and all parts
  • long-lasting protection against corrosion
  • roof- and facade technology
  • transport and logistics
  • construction and finishing
  • completion of the building

CNC-controlled drilling- and sawing machine.

Blasting, cleaning and coating
give steel long-lasting protection
against corrosion.