Willemse Staalconstructies

Steel has long been a staple in construction. It’s no wonder. Steel is multifunctional: constructive, durable and aesthetic.

It is impossible to see the construction world without steel. It is no wonder as steel is multi- functional, constructive, sustainable and aesthetic. This great material has unlimited possibilities. It gives a fitting form and its own identity to each building. Willemse Staalconstructies guarantees you a sustainable and high-quality final product with a modern look. All this can be designed, produced, delivered and assembled on site in a relatively short period of time.


Our steel DNA: steel constructions for conventional and innovative applications in the Netherlands

Steel constructions form the basis of our work. Ambitious and futuristic design are quite often the keynotes which challenge us to the next level of steel. We aim for the best! In close cooperation with our clients we make the most beautiful and most advanced steel productions.
Steel is our passion; it is in our DNA which we love to share with others. We are not only builders, but inspirators as well!

Willemse Staalconstructies is your reliable steel partner. We deliver quality and execute every order to the letter as per agreement.


Willemse Staalconstructies makes steel constructions for stairs, loading platforms, façades, roofs, floors, inside walls, coverings and ceilings.

We produce all steel for the shell of a building such as the construction of new/rebuilding and renovation of existing warehouses, office buildings, sports centres, shopping malls, cold stores, storage warehouses and garages.


Innovative constructions for sustainable 2-way use

Thinking Steel considers sustainability to be of great importance. Steel is used more and more in supporting structures for solar panels and solar roofs. By working closely together with the client we come to custom-made innovative steel solutions which builds the bridge towards a more sustainable and more environment friendly society and future.

E-deck: parking deck with 2-way use

Footbridge Van der Valk Gilze-Tilburg

Business property SEKU Kozijnen