Sustainability or “green design” is an important theme for Thinking Steel.As member of the SME manufacturing industry we take a part in this by coming up with innovative solutions in steel. Because, pre-eminently steel is a sustainable material.

By efficiently implementing steel for sustainable 2-way use we contribute to the re-delivery of sustainable energy to the society.
This also is part of our steel DNA!


Six reasons why steel is a sustainable choice

Steel contributes to a circular economy

Steel reduces the use and waste of auxiliary resources. Furthermore stronger and better performing kinds of steel are developed which makes it possible to do more with less steel. In practice this leads to a lesser need for steel during building and a reduction of the transport weight, the construction, the weight of the foundation and the building time.


Steel can be re-used and recycled

Recycling and the circular economy go side-by-side. Recycling is all about the product at the end of the line. Towards the end of its life span a steel construction can be disassembled. Simple design principles enable the re-use and disassembly of steel in the built environment. In the event re-use is not an option, steel can be recycled by melting down to a new steel product.


Steel is extremely sustainable

Steel needs little to no maintenance and has a long life span. This means a maximum use of raw material.


Steel production is becoming more and more environment friendly

The consumption of energy and the CO² intensity when producing steel is decreasing every year by 1%. Since halfway into the seventies the energy to produce a ton of steel has diminished by approximately 40%. Now we are approaching the theoretical limits of steel production. Breakthrough technology is needed to realise a further CO² reduction.


Minimal waste by using steel in constructing

Steel production is very circular. Many of the by-products of the steel production process are used in other processes or industries. Steel also contributes to less waste. By nature steel is qualified for offsite construction and modular methods of construction in which waste can be recycled. This contributes to a shorter period of building and an elevated efficiency in building.


Steel makes buildings more efficient, effective and energy-positive

Not only the steel material itself contributes to a more sustainable building industry. Products of steel make buildings more efficient, more effective (as ideal housing and working space) and more sustainable. Also think about steel in combination with insulated and airtight sandwich panels which also reduce the energy consumption.


Thinking Steel: we think in steel, for now and in the future


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