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We think in steel. We have a reason for everything we do, hence the name Thinking Steel. Which puts us right on the (inter)national map

For many years now, we are well known in the steel and building industry, both in the Netherlands as well as abroad. Mr. Ger Willemse is the founder of the company. In 2022 he transferred the company to his daughter Kim and son Gert-Jan; the 2nd generation of Willemse. Thinking Steel is Willemse Staalconstructies, Willemse Compleetbouw and Thinking Steel International. Gilze, the Netherlands is our home base to stay.

Our three companies:

Willemse Staalconstructies
Steel constructions form the basis of our work. Willemse Staalconstructies is specialised in steel constructions, like stairs, landing platforms and coverings. Often ambitious and futuristic designs are what drives us to take steel to the next level and get the most out of it.

Willemse Compleetbouw
Willemse Compleetbouw is the building contractor who executes total building projects in the Netherlands for commercial and industrial buildings. We take care of the full process: from design to execution, assembly and turnkey delivery. In close cooperation with our clients we make the most beautiful and most solid steel productions and total concepts. We are not only the building contractor, but also the inspirator!

Thinking Steel International
Thinking Steel International is the international building contractor of Thinking Steel. Our high-quality steel constructions travel the world. Various impressive projects were realised in countries like Colombia, Mexico, Panama, the Netherlands Antilles and the Philippines.


How it all began…

Ger Willemse: “It all started with a welding apparatus my father gave to me when I was 14 years of age. Quite soon business was booming and together with my nephew I started welding and bending frames of steel for cowsheds. Because I had to enlist I could not start my own company right away, but in January 1977 my time had come. The foundation stone was laid and on July 1, 1978 I officially registered Staalkonstruktie G. Willemse (currently Willemse Staalconstructies). The number of projects and employees rose steadily. The diversity in projects led to Willemse Compleetbouw in 1991 and Thinking Steel International in 2005”.



Our steel DNA

Working with steel is our passion. Steel inspires and challenges us to bring out the best of ourselves time and again and to make full use of all possibilities of this universal and sustainable material.
Our drive is to make the “impossible” possible with steel. We gladly share our enthusiasm, craftsmanship and innovation. We have been doing this from day one when Ger Willemse laid the foundation for Thinking Steel in 1978. This is where our steel DNA originates; the link which connects it all.


Our employees are our greatest asset

Professional and motivated employees are the basis of our success. As employer we invest in them. Our organisation is informal and typical of the scenery where we are located. For us it is important our employees feel at ease here. We encourage them to come up with creative and valuable ideas; we very much welcome their output! We also give them the opportunity to educate and keep on educating themselves. Together we are Thinking Steel, that is our steel DNA.



Trust, connection, commitment and innovation

Thinking Steel has found a unique balance in the price-quality ratio. We offer a sustainable product for long-term use by our clients. Trust, connection, commitment, dedication and ongoing innovation are keynotes which are being reflected by our impressive list of clients.


Design and production in Gilze in the Netherlands
All steel constructions are designed and produced in our factory in Gilze. They are sustainably treated against corrosion, made ready for transport and assembled on location. These can be elements for an office building, a warehouse, a cold store, factory building or for stairs, landing platforms or for roof and façade technology. By building prefab we steadily can delivery high-quality. Moreover prefab building is relatively fast which gives a considerable saving on the cost of building.


Transport and assembly on site
We take care of the shipment of our steel constructions in sea containers. Our inhouse production and logistical expertise guarantee a successful and smooth export and delivery to the building site.
Assembly on site is being done by our own engineers, supported by skilled local experts. In principle we work with our own tools and own manlifts. We ship these in our own sea containers to the building site. This way of working as well as our A to Z support guarantees you a sustainable and high-end quality product.


Our steel story: from design till turnkey delivery 

“Our success formula is that we think in steel. We really get the most out of it. Delivering top quality. Putting our money where our mouth is. And tapping new markets. Clients don’t just knock on your door, especially not abroad. If you want to have a chance of success, you have to go to the client. We gain knowledge of the language and respect the culture and offer more than local companies. And, most important, we create trust and confidence by custom-made supplying and honouring agreements made”.

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